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Portfolio Fundamentals

Python Tools We Use in the Class

Learning Python

  • Possibly useful Python libraries.
    • PyProcessing a processing-like environment for doing graphics with Python.
    • mayavi for visualization of 3D stuff. Claims to be integrated with SciPy.
    • Machine Learning library from Technische Universität München. See a video.
    • pandas A library for time series analysis. video.


Brokers for Paper Trading

  • thinkorswim paper money: Go through the registration process up until they ask for a social security number. You can stop at that point because you now have a valid login. You can login to paper money at page which is linked on the main login screen but isn't immediately obvious.
 Private Game for CS 8803 on MarketWatch: ID: GATECH8803 - Name: GATECH CS 8803 - Password: burdell
  • CBOE Paper Trading: Decent paper trading account that allows you to trade options as well as basic equities.

Trading Contests

Historical Data