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Installing the Prerequisites Somewhere Else Besides Ubuntu or MacOS

You should be able to get QSTK to work on any reasonably modern version of Unix. If you're not installing on Ubuntu or a Mac, follow each link below to find and install the relevant tool.

  • subversion for installing the source distribution.
  • Python 2.7 as the main language for programming. QSTK does not work with Python 3.0. We previously supported Python 2.6 and it probably still works there.
  • NumPy an open source numerical toolkit similar to MATLAB. (see troubleshooting note below for MacOS)
  • SciPy an open source scientific toolkit.
  • matplotlib a graphical plotting library with functionality similar to MATLAB.
  • scikits.statsmodels used by pandas
  • pandas a set of utilities for working with time series data.
  • Optional: epydoc, if you are going to contribute to code documentation generation.
  • Optional: python-profiler
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