2011Fall7646 Homework 2

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Overview: The purpose of this assignment is to make sure you have your account and environment properly set up on our server, gekko.cc.gatech.edu.

To Do:

1. Follow the instructions here to get your environment set up on the server:

2. In your account on gekko, be sure to execute the following commands to make sure you have the latest code. (There have been a few bug fixes):

svn up

3. Go through this tutorial to do some calculations on stock price data using QSTK:

4. Run the tutorial1.py that is in the directory QSTK/Examples/Basic (i.e., "python tutorial1.py"). It will generate several pdf files as output.

Deliverable: Turn in the file "normalized.pdf" (that was generated by running tutorial1.py) as an attachment on t-square. Please do not "zip" your files together first; just submit a separate file as named below:

  • normalized.pdf

How to submit: Go to the t-square site for the class, then click on the "assignments" tab. Click on "add attachment" to add your file. Once you are sure you've added both files, click "submit."